“I’ve found this year’s stocking stuffers – Shittens!”
Jenny McCarthy

“Shittens! Everybody needs one!”
Mark Cuban

“When a demon scares the crap outta me, I grab a Shitten!”
Zak Bagans

Ghost Adventures

“I need a Shitten!”
Norm McDonald

“Have you ever wished someone would create a disposable glove-like product specifically for rectal hygiene? Well, neither have I. But what a great idea! Ladies and gentlemen, the dream has come true: Shittens”
Alex Skolnick


“The mitt to clean your sh*t and keep your hiney fresh and shiny!”
Tabitha Stevens

“I’ll never take anything in on pawn… except a SHITTEN”
Bobby J

Hardcore Pawn

“Try SHITTENS. Your ass will be whistling all day!”
John Bolaris

Emmy Award-Winning Meteorologist

“Shittens are THE SH*T.”
The Blue Meanie

“Shittens are my favorite! If I get a little unpleasant whiff of myself downstairs, Shittens cleans the funk right up!”
Richard Christy

“Shittens! I just found the greatest invention known to mankind. Why don’t you have a Nobel Prize?”
Al Snow & HEAD

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