Is your current job crappy?


Are you emotionally inspired by our campaign for hiney hygiene? Feel called to spread the gospel?

If you’d like to see Shittens in stores across the world AND you’d like to make buttloads of money, perhaps becoming a Shittens Sales Specialist is right up your (back) alley! Join our Street Team and you could be doing the world a fecal service.

Is it hard to sell Shittens? CONSIDER THE FACTS:

  1. There are more than 7 billion people on the planet.
  2. Nearly 100% of them HAVE BUTTS.

These things sell themselves. Get creative! Talk to your local business owners, reach out to college bookstores, sell them door-to-door, approach drug dealers looking to “go legit”*. If a business places a wholesale order under your name, you’ll get a 10% COMMISSION paid out to you 30 days after the order processes!

And the fun doesn’t stop there!

As a member of our Street Team, after your first sale you’ll be eligible for all kinds of perks:

  • Access to an exclusive gear store so you can rock Shittens merchandise on your sales calls!
  • Discount on packs of Shittens so you can stock up on samples
  • Invites to Corporate Meetings (a.k.a happy hour at some bar in NYC with the Shittens creators)!
  • Big ol’ bonuses for our top sellers!
  • And just imagine how much better you’ll sleep at night knowing you’ve enlightened the world about a fecally safer butt wipe option.

“Cause poop is gross! (And money is awesome.)”
-Shittens HQ

*We at Shittens HQ care about your safety. Don’t approach drug dealers without consulting your local law enforcement. While you’re at the police station, you might as well ask them about their bathrooming needs. You see where we’re going here? Everybody needs Shittens!!!

To register, email [email protected], subject line “Shittens Sales Specialist”. We’ll be in touch with the details.

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Please note: Item not available for shipping outside of the Continental US.