What are Shittens?
Shittens are disposable, mitten-shaped moist wipes. While old-fashioned, square wet wipes put your hands at risk for all kinds of accidental fecal contamination, the genius mitten shape of a Shitten provides not only safety from poop, but on a larger scale, emotional peace of mind.
Are Shittens supposed to replace toilet paper?

Use toilet paper for your standard bathrooming needs. When life requires it, combine the toilet paper and Shitten experience with our highly recommended “DRY, WET, DRY” approach to hiney cleaning. In general, Shittens are for fecal emergencies. But feel free to live like a Rockefeller and enjoy a Shitten every time you Doot. Listen to your heart… you’ll know when it’s the right time to grab a Shitten.

Are Shittens flushable?
This is what we like to call a “grey area” (brown area?). Can you flush them?

Well, one of our founders bought a toilet that advertises its capacity to flush 48 golf balls. But the reality is, they own a 100-year-old house and hold their breath when flushing a single square of toilet paper. A bucket of golf balls would have been a plumbing apocalypse. While many wipes advertise “flushable”, all we hear about are the stories of destroyed septic systems across the country.

You know your plumbing best and we’ll trust you to make the best decisions for your household (at your own risk, septic-ly speaking). We’re going to “Shitten our ass” and not recommend it.

Can you re-use a Shitten?
You are gross.
How do you remove a Shitten without getting poop on your hand?
1. After using a Shitten, make a fist.

2. With your other hand, grab the bottom edge of the Shitten on the BACK of your hand.

3. Pull the used Shitten up and over, creating a “Shitten Ball” for easy, sanitary disposal.
(Shitten Balls should never be used as a weapon.)

Are Shittens safe for babies?

Shittens are FDA-approved and safe for babies, pets, and adults. If you have specific allergies or sensitivities to standard bathroom wipes, consult a physician and use with caution.

Are Shittens biodegradable and eco-friendly?
While we haven’t completed the biodegradability lab testing yet, we are happy to report that Shittens are eco-friendly!
Are there other uses for Shittens?
Without question.

No time for a shower after the gym? Freshen up with a Shitten!
Step in dog poop? Take a Shitten to your shoe!
Even horrific conditions such as “Swamp Ass” or “Bat Wings” can be relieved with a cool, clean Shitten.

There’s no wrong way to use a Shitten, so let your mind run free, friends. We look forward to hearing about YOUR favorite Shitten uses.

Who is the genius behind Shittens?
Richie Wilson likes to call himself “the asswipe behind the asswipe”. Rachel Fine is proudly married to that asswipe and spends her days bringing his genius ideas to market.

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